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Expression of Interest - STUDENT ENROLMENT FORM

For enrolment in a Western Australian Public School

Please complete the enrolment forms and profile, and submit along with a copy of your child's/children's Birth Certificate and Immunisation Card.

Please also read the 'Enrolment Guidelines' carefully as they describe your obligations and responsibilities upon enrolment.

Learning Resources will be sent to you upon receipt of your fully completed enrolment forms. Teachers will be in contact with you as soon as possible to assist you with your introduction to correspondence learning.

This form is to be completed for children who are not currently enrolled at the school in the previous year and for all Pre Primary students. For students in the compulsory years of schooling who were enrolled in the previous year, please inform the school directly if there are changes needed to update the form. Please read the accompanying Parent information about Enrolment in a Western Australian public school before lodging the Enrolment Form with the school.





Parent/Guardian/Carer 1
If you did not attend school, mark 'Year 9 or equivalent'.
Please select the appropriate parental occupation group from the list provided in ATTACHMENT 1. If you are not currently in paid work, but have had a job in the last 12 months, please use your last occupation. However, if you have not been in paid work in the last 12 months, enter ‘8’ above). ATTACHMENT 1 can be found at the top of the page.

Parent/Guardian/Carer 2 Details

Other Contact Details

Please advise the school if you would like additional contacts recorded

Emergency Contacts

Indicate in order of preference



At Meekatharra School of the Air, we aim to offer your child the wildest range of learning activities whenever possible. This form asks you to consent (or otherwise) to your child’s participation / use / access to several aspects of the school program. At all times we make the very best efforts to exercise exemplary standards in respect of duty of care.
Children’s images and/or their work are often published to recognise excellence or effort and may appear in newspapers, on the internet, in newsletters or on film or video. Their first names may also be included but no contact details are provided. Work/images captured by the school will be kept for no longer than is necessary for the purposes outlined above and will be stored and disposed of securely.
Children often watch videos / DVDs / television documentaries as part of their learning. Almost always these are ‘G’ rated and don’t require consent. Very occasionally something with a ‘PG’ rating is appropriate for which we would need parental permission.
Children occasionally walk within the local area for minor excursions under the supervision of the teacher and attend activities in local parks, nature reserves, another school, city council library or shopping centre. On all occasions, parents will be notified of the local excursion.
Schoolzine is a web-based school newsletter delivery system, delivering newsletters via email to parents. Included in our Schoolzine newsletters, teachers display student work and photos of activities at the school, such as camps. Our policy is to only use the child's first name when displaying work or photographs.


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