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January 10, 2017
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February 23, 2017

Home Tutors Seminar is an annual camp where home tutors/parents learn more about tutoring and new trends in education. The school looks upon this event as one of the most important in the year as Home Tutor commitment and skill is essential to a good education for students.

Teachers’ relationships with Home Tutors is as a partnership and during the Seminar, we all learn. Children generally accompany their parents and the venue is the Geraldton Camp School. If needed, there is a crèche for babies – 3 year olds, and a camp for students Kindy – Year 7. Traditionally, the Seminar is held in Term 1.

There is no charge for this Seminar/Camp provided parents attend all sessions.

Please see the Home Tutors Parent Information Handbook for further information.

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